Honoring Mom: A Mother’s Day Reflection


Mother’s Day is a few days away! It is a day of celebration and gratitude, as we reflect upon our mothers and the great impact they have had on our lives.

I wonder…
In all of your reflecting, have you ever stopped to reflect upon yourself and your journey as a mother and woman?

What is your story Sexy Momma?
Who are you?

No…I'm not asking about the roles you play and the tasks you undertake.

Who are YOU?

Tell me about that raw soul that emerges when you are being yourself. When you're simply being, without any roles or physical descriptions defining you. When that soul, deep inside, feels free to come out into the world.

Who is that soul? That soul has a story – a beautiful one. A story full of excitement and fear, ups and downs, laughs and tears.

What's her story? Who is she and what journey led her to this moment?

Where is she going next? What are her dreams for the future? The down-to-earth realistic dreams and the crazy -if I could wish for anything- dreams.

What does she truly want for herself? For her children? For her family? From the bottom of her heart, what are her deepest most sacred desires?

You can be completely honest here….No one else is watching. This is your moment to open up and let that soul fly, dream and desire.

Listen to her ever so carefully…

What did she tell you?
Where does she want to go?
What does she desire?

She can only live her desires of you allow her to. She lives through you after all. No one is holding her back – except for you.

Will you release her?
Will you allow her the joy of experiencing that which she wants most?

If you let it be. It will be.

Do not be afraid to BE the beautiful soul that is residing inside your heart.

This Mother's Day, love and reflect upon the beautiful women in your life. But most of all, love and reflect upon your beautiful soul.

You deserve to be honored, Sexy Momma.

With Love and Sexiness,