A Letter to My Mom on Mother’s Day

mothers day

You always made Motherhood look so easy…

There was never a question you couldn’t answer.
There was never a sadness you could not ease.
There was never a need you couldn’t fulfill.
There was never a problem you could not solve.


It didn’t matter which crazy situation life set on my path or what predicaments I found myself in…you always had graceful words and solutions. Even when I felt like the world was crashing down around me, your words and embrace put my world back into order – every time.

Even when I knew life was throwing you your own curveballs, you were still there for me. Coaching me on how to hit mine out of the park.

Were you ever fearful or uncertain?

What about that week I spent in the hospital as my little body was poked and tested to find out what was going on inside of me?

         I only remember your strength and comfort assuring me that
        we would get answers and that everything would be alright.

What about the time when my teenage self was so mad at you that I wasn’t talking to you much?

         You never once showed me disdain – only love.

What about the time when I told you your 18 year old daughter was having a baby?

         You shed some tears with me, and then walked me through
        everything I needed to know as a mommy-to-be.


Now you’re a grandma…and you make that look so easy too.

Grandma holding her granddaughter.

You held and soothed both of your new granddaughters with an ease of expertise.

You listened to all of my crazed ‘new mommy’ questions and gave me eloquent answers – without judgement.

You have never told me that my kids are brats or that I am doing anything wrong, you laugh and tell me how I was just like them, once upon a time.

You always know what to do and say to make your granddaughters feel cherished and loved. Whether it is surprise notes and packages in the mail, or fun traditions you create on your visits – they feel like the center of your world when they are with you.

I have called you scared and I have called you in tears. Never once have you told me that I am losing my shit and need to get it together. You still offer up your calming words to put my world back into order again.

I have always known, with certainty, that everything would be ok, because I have my mom beside me, and she has been unwavering my entire life.

It’s funny, I now realize that some of the insecurities I have as a mom exist because of the perfect mom you have been for me. Your shoes seem mighty big to fill. Then I remember that everything I know about being a mom I have learned from you, my greatest teacher. When something comes up that I don’t know how to handle, I have the best resource by my side.

It may take me awhile to fill your shoes Mom, but I know I’ll get there. I have you guiding me every step of the way.

I Love You Mom.

Thank you for loving me into the woman and mother I am today.


With Love and Gratitude,