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My Children Suffer from ‘Whine’usitus. Finding a Cure.

  There is nothing that I hate more than whining. 13 years of parenting has taught me this. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. I feel that if I taught you how to speak, you could do me the decency

Be Change

What Every Mom Needs to Hear About the Election of Donald Trump

To say that the world was rocked by the United States presidential election this week would be an understatement. There are deep and emotionally charged reactions being felt by everyone – whether you are happy with the outcome or not.

It's that fleeting moment, when I remember my little love that climbed those steps last year, which hits my heart hard.

Back to School

As I watched you walk up the steps of the big yellow school bus, I wondered where summer had gone. Are we standing here again? Already?!? I pictured the ice cream dripping down your face and arms as you anxiously